Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA)

The Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) in Ontario is considered one of the best, very well known and most prestigious Associations in the field of human resources, it has been established since 1935, it is a national standard of excellence and innovation in its field. HRPA is the largest community of HR professionals in Canada. Networking and volunteering opportunities through the association, it has more than 19,000 members in 28 chapters and hosts the largest annual HR conference in Canada for more than 4000 participants. HRPA is also the statutory professional regulatory body for Human Resources professionals in Ontario. As such, HRPA has the mandate to establish, maintain, develop and enforce standards of qualification, standards of practice, standards of professional ethics, standards of knowledge, skill and proficiency, and to regulate the practice, competence and professional conduct of members of the Association. HRPA board comprises the finest businessmen and women from different sectors, such as institutions of education, prestigious universities, health associations, governmental organizations, and -for-profit and non-profit institutions. Speaking of some of the outstanding certificates of the HRPA that are known internationally, The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation which only HRPA members can claim use of in Ontario is the gold standard for HR competence and commitment to life-long learning. HRPA has also led the way in recognizing the achievements of its most accomplished members through the Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRP) designation which is recognized internationally. HRPA’s Office of Public Affairs is responsible for monitoring public policy, and legislative initiatives, as well as serving as chief liaison to the Ontario government. As their mission is to be viewed as a trusted advisor to government and ensure the Association maintains an open dialogue with elected officials and key stakeholders in a manner that is beneficial to the mission and strategic objectives of HRPA.


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