The Institute of Leadership & Management - ILM

ILM is nonprofit organization and part of the City & Guilds Group, Specialize in leadership and management development, they Considered as UK’s biggest awarding body, by believing that the Good leadership and management holds the key to organisational effectiveness and social and economic prosperity. ILM combining the strengths of two organisations ISM and NEBS Management bringing together 100 years experience, in developing leaders and mangers. It has over than 1300 staff based in their network of 12 regional offices across the UK, and their Head Office in London as well as they have 21 international branches support over 81 countries. ILM offer flexible range of leadership and management qualifications ‘solutions’ for practising leaders and managers ,they porting all levels of managers from team leaders through to CEOs, with qualifications from level 2 to the level 7 qualifications and credit framework (QCF), The knowing-doing-being model shapes the way that ILM approach leadership and management development for the 21st century. ILM mission is to be a global authority on leadership and management creating and supporting the largest management community worldwide.


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