Training Program for Sudan Centre for Technical

A training program entitled (the Internal Auditor and the report of the working papers according to the standards of the IIA) Was Held in the Sudanese capital - Khartoum to the Arab expert, Dr. Zaher Al-Ramahi, during the period 24-27/1/2010 Sudan Centre for Technical and dealt with practical actions to prepare a report in accordance with the Internal Auditor standards of professionalism IIA .
The audit report is an essential tool in conveying information about weak points that need to be corrected. It can also be a tool of preventive remedy for these weaknesses, so they are identified and tackled before any losses occur. It also detects where administrative measures are to be taken regarding HR or work procedures. The IIA has put forth the criteria for this report, as well as its organization process, all of which will be presented in this program.
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