Talent Management

In cooperation with the Capital Market Authority, OSOOL for training and consulting concluded the activities of the distinctive training program (Talent Management), which targeted workers in the second administrative level in the Omani insurance companies, the program also highlighted the concept of talent management as one of the new threads that was involved by human resources department and its various activities, especially in modern times, and the impact caused to the institutions that adopt this approach and its influence in the culture, as well as the awareness of the most important talent management strategies and how to deal with them because of their competitive advantage of direct impact on the levels of performance, and the importance of investing in talent management for the direct impact in reducing the physical and economic cost of the foundation. Through the implementation program, OSOOL has started with a pretest at the beginning in order to prepare and motivate the participants and measure their levels, then the acquainting of theoretical concepts, and discussion and dialogue and exchange of experiences between the expert instructor and participants. Emphasis was placed on workshops and questionnaires, and the program was concluded with a posttest to measure the benefiting of participants and the extent of their development.
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