The Annual Conference for Accountants: International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS & IAS (Improvements & Amendments)

Under the auspices of Secretary General of Association of Arab Universities Dr. Sultan Abu – Orabi, and sponsored by Jordan Islamic Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank and Royal Jordanian, OSOOL for Training and Consulting conducted the Annual Conference of Accountants under title (International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS & IAS: New Improvements & Amendments), which was held in Sheraton hotel in Amman- Jordan during the period 22-24/8/2016, the participation was from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, Qatar, Iraq and Libya, the conference aims to enable participants to aware of the challenges of achieving quality in accounting information, considering the instability in accounting environment because of the accelerated amendments in IFRS, discuss the underlying conceptual revolution in IFRS, introduce the new issuances in IFRS that will be effective by January 1st of 2017 and 1st of 2018 and thereafter, enrich the knowledge of participants about the ways of applying IFRS effectively and narrow the gap of conflicts between public and private sectors.
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