The Professional Program for Banking Audit Activities

In order to enable the auditors to carry out banking operations professionally and efficiently, OSOOL for Training & Consulting, in cooperation with Internal Control Institute - ICI , conducted the Professional Program for Banking Audit Activities for Federal Board of Supreme Audit, in Holiday Inn Hotel in Amman - Jordan, to provide them with the skills, tools and mechanisms for this, by building their capacity to plan and perform the procedures of auditing operations of banking activities, according to the best practices, where the program has been divided for a number of key themes, such as the decisions of the Basel committee on internal control of the banks, and auditing banking activities such as banking credit, documentary credits, treasury and investment, risk management, compliance, banking branches, fraud indicators in the banks and the Final Accounts of banks, and they were trained on methodologies and best practices in it. The program was accomplished by a number of banking experts, each according to his specialization and experience in the field of auditing banking activities.
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