Workshop for Palestinian Telecommunications Group

OSOOL for training & consulting did a contract for a training program entitled " The Role of Internal Audit in Assessing the Efficiency of Operations Risk & Activating Government Procedures " in Sheraton Hotel in (Amman, Jordan) in the period of 13-16/9/2015, for the benefits of the Palestinian Telecommunications Group. The program aims to the definition of the concept and the principles and rules of the government and its relationship with the internal control systems and responsibilities of the board of directors and its committees and the most important what is stated in the law Sarbanes & Oxley with respect to the government, and the mechanism of the application for the disclosure within the financial statements, and provide participants with the "4" principles of risk assessment that is to update the risk assessment according to the updated version for the "COSO" Issued at the end of the year 2013, and the " 7 " foundations for the risk management, the program also discussed the internal audit responsibilities In evaluating the efficiency of risk management from both theoretical and practical, and the role of each of the audit committee and the department of internal audit, under the government.
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