Certified Internal Control Specialist - CICS (Jordan)

Osool for Training &Consulting in collaboration with (Internal Control Institute - ICI) qualifying program for certification of a Certified Internal Control Specialist - CICS, in Meridien hotel in Amman – Jordan, in period of 6-17/9/2015. The program was attended by a group of employees of the Jordan Commercial Bank , Jordan Ahli Bank, Arab Investment Group Company, Military Credit Fund, Jordan Islamic Bank, Royal Jordanian, King University Founder Hospital (Irbid), United Financial Investments, Asia Insurance, and several involvements . The program aims to qualify participants for CICS certificate issued by the (Internal Control Institute - ICI) through the address to indicate the role of internal control, and their influence in areas of management and staff, and expanding range of skills begin to identify the nature of the internal control environment, risk management, evaluation of control systems work, evaluation of control over applications, risk assessment, and the preparation of regulatory reporting and governance. Participants are also provided after the end of the qualifying program for the exam CICS designed and prepared by Internal Control Institute - ICI and the number of participants passed the exam successfully than their parents get on CICS certificate.
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