Modern secretariat and office management

Osool for training and consultations... Organized a training program for the Omani Royal Court Affairs entitled: Modern secretariat and office management in Muscat - Sultanate of Oman, this program is aiming to provide the participants with the knowledge, modern concepts of the coordination sciences (secretariat) and office management, and to reinforce them with the technical, managerial, and behavioral skills in order to practice their everyday work, to strengthen their positive approaches towards the importance of office work and its role in boosting the corporate performance, to perceive the importance of positive cooperation with the seniors and its role in accomplishing tasks, and the ability to practice different communication skills in dealing with others and how to handle work pressure in a positive way, also to enable the participants to apply the principles of office etiquette and how to handle personal and organizational time wasters that hinder work flow, in addition to introducing them to their important role during meetings in its different phases efficiently, and the importance of the creative thinking and the adoption of electronic approaches in the practice, also mastering drafting and preparation of minutes, speeches, and administrative reports.
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