Best Practices for Emotional Intelligence in Work Environment

Under the patronage of the Oman Housing Bank, Osool for Training and Consultation executed a workshop " Best Practices of Emotional Intelligence in work Environment" in Shangri-La resort, Bur Al Jsp - Sultanate of Oman during the period 22nd -24th of March 2009 for directors and deputies from both public and private sectors in The Sultanate of Oman.
The expert Dr. Jawad Fatayer indicated that recent studies show that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one of the most important elements that has a major role in influencing and determining the human behavior, where on contrary in the past few years Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was considered as the only tool that could determinate and measure human talent, creativity and ability.
Recent researches show that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) affects the success of the people's ability of communication, relationship-building, decision-making and understanding the feelings of their superiors and subordinates, which found a valuable tool in the hands of top managements who have benefited from Emotional Intelligence (EI) to improve their techniques, managerial abilities, work environment and the opportunity of achieving the missions of their institutions.
By closing the eyes towards Emotional Intelligence (EI) such as intelligent communication, leadership, motivation, customer service, decision-making, problem- Solving, temper controlling… etc, makes achieving success much harder to be obtained in our institutions.
People have more skills and potentials than mental and professional direct abilities as experience, learning and knowledge which can not be delivered professionally without considering essential human characteristics such as emotional intelligence for the sake of development.
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