The second annual forum for the internal auditors in collaboration with ICI

Under the auspices of the president of Yarmouk University, was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi the activities of the second annual forum for the internal auditors, which was held in Amman - Jordan LeRoyal Hotel during the period 13-15/6/2011 in collaboration with the ICI .
Osool... for Training & Consulting and the development of the internal audit profession, is keeping a pace with global developments to move them to the public and private sectors in the Arab world .
The Forum clarified the major challenges facing internal audit departments and develop their skills in the face of these challenges, and provide the participants with the advisory role of the optimal internal audit in accordance with professional standards, IIA, and briefed on the standard of internal control and risk assessment No. ISO 31000 and IFRS No. (IFRS 9), which will be applied from the beginning of 2013, according to International Accounting Standards Board, and introduce them to the concept of integrative frameworks of governance, risk and compliance GRC and the practical steps for the success of the GRC, and the impact of the global financial crisis on the activity of internal audit.
Participated in the forum an elite group of an audit managers and their assistants as the number of participants were 67 came from Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, in addition to the participants from Jordan, the host country of the forum, the participants came up with several recommendations that advances the profession of internal auditing in the Arab world.
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