Closure the events of the Internal Audit Diploma in Syria

The internal audit function is particularly occupies important in Banks, and in light of the growing development towards interest in the function of both departments of banks or central banks, is incumbent upon the officials of departments internal audit in banks and officials of censorship in the central banks to develop their activities and rehabilitation of competencies, to keep pace with the rapid developments in this area, on the basis of interest Central Bank of Syria rehabilitate cadres control, and urged the managements of banks operating in Syria to activate its control activities, and work on the development and rehabilitation service staff of the Internal Audit , Osool for Training and Consulting and in cooperation with the Central Bank of Syria implement the Internal Audit Diploma at the Central Bank of Syria, for 13 training weeks, Where the diploma aims to enable participants to carry out the procedures for the audits of the practice, according to the diploma applied in the institutions according to accepted international standards, and equip them with skills to use modern methods in planning and implementation of audits, and the implementation of this diploma was by elite group of trainers and consultants Arabs in the area of internal audit.
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