End of The First Annual Forum for Internal Auditors

Because of the importance and central role of internal audit in the intellectual and enhance the performance of institutions, And give added value to their activities in the event characterized by efficiency and effectiveness, concluded in Amman - Jordan (Le Royal) hotel held the First Annual Auditors Forum entitled: Best Practices Committees and Internal Audit Services to Risk Management & Fraud, and that was during the period from 17-20/5/2010 where 56 audit managers and their assistants participated in the forum from Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Palestine. The implementation of this Arab Forum a distinguished group of trainers and consultants in the field of internal audit. The Importance of the forum came to put light on the role of the Audit Committee in activating the role of internal audit, as well as the organization of the relationship between internal audit and related departments , And the role of audit in risk management and the methodology used to ascertain the extent of management's commitment to quality standards, internal audit and the extent enjoyed by the professional, Also included the forum in order to clarify the role of internal audit in the definition of fraud indicators as part of its functions and limits of its responsibility in this field .
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