Cross Selling

Osool for Training and consulting held a training program for the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, entitled skills and cross-selling in the city of Amman - Jordan , Cross selling is one of the major strategies for customer retention and profitability. When selling to an existing customer is less costly by five times and more profitable by multiples, it ensures healthier return on advertising expenses and better return on investment in technology and marketing related activities. Keeping track on customers’ behavior and managing accounts and products profitability are major elements of bank’s strategic management. How to induce the skills of cross selling of the bank’s staff and capitalize on these in the fierce battle for market share , profitability and sustainability of competitive advantage shall be the focus of this workshop. programs held at the Training Centre of the Housing Bank, on two phases the first was during the period 20-22/2/2010 and the second was during 23-25/2/2010, the training program came as short lectures, practical situations, and role play, discussion and dialogue, by the expert trainer Mr. Maroun Sarruo.
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