Time Management

The headquarters of the national electricity company in Amman - Jordan, Osool for Training and consulting held a training program for a number of department heads and directors of departments in the National Electricity Company entitled time management during the period 22-25/3/2010, with that in the era characterized by lightning pace and the need to invest every minute in productive work, the program addressed to familiarize participants with the concepts of management Personal time management and staff time and management at the time the institution , Through the identification and formulation of the vision of personal and institutional goals and priorities, planning, organization and scheduling of tasks weekly and daily, And access to personal and institutional time wasting and ways of getting rid of them , and to identify tools and strategies for managing personal time and institutional framework and the importance of self-development and personal skills and management as a system effective time management to reach the required balance between personal needs and functional for the benefit of the employee and the institution alike, and the implementation of the program, Dr. Tariq Rashid, at the end of the program by the engineer . Khalid Saeed - Assistant General Manager, distributed the certificates to the participants.
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