About OSOOL Training & Consulting

Our Vision …
To be a strategic partner and win the trust of all our clients who seek distinction and leadership.

Our Mission …
Our mission is to provide top notch training and consulting services by scientific methodology, to participate in qualifying the Arab human resources and organizations, by staying at the frontier of international developments and hiring experts and academic professionals.

Our Objectives …
  • To develop and enhance the qualifications of the Arab human resources as per the market’s actual requirements.

  • Maintaining the highest degrees of transparency and credibility within predefined standards.

  • To assure quality of services provided.

  • To provide assistance to Arab organizations through their development.

  • To stress the concept of “Added Value” as the pillar of our services.

Our Services …
  • Training programs as proposed in the annual plan.

  • Providing specially tailored training programs for in house training.

  • Providing assistance in training needs assessment.

  • Career and executive path planning and including the training needs assessment therein.

  • Offering conference programs preparation services to Arab organizations.

  • Providing financial and managerial consultations.

  • Offering professional certificates in cooperation with Arab and international organizations.

Organizational Structure

Team of trainers

OSOOL FOR TRAINING & CONSULTING - OSOOL considers its training staff the main pillar for its success and development. OSOOL training staff is composed of a number of distinguished trainers at the Arab and international level. Recruitment of these trainers is subjected to a set of standards based on the best international practices. An example of these standards follow:

    Scientific Qualifications :
    • Practical expertise and technical jobs held by the trainer in addition to the managerial levels held by him.

    • Professional qualifications (certificates issued by specialized international professional institutions).

    • Level of participation in training programs, conventions and conferences.

    • Membership in Arab as well as international professional training institutions.

    • Compatibility of trainer's specialization to the concerned training areas.

    • Consultations delivered to various establishments.

    • Arab and international training institutions that the trainer has dealt with.

    • Possessing the necessary training skills such as communication, presentation, delivery, use of basic training techniques, motivation, etc.

    And in view of the importance of the training material, certain techniques were adopted in presenting the training material to assure Quality at OSOOL. Among these techniques is the appointment of a committee of experts, distinguished and accredited, to evaluate the training material and work on quality assurance

Strategic partners

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